Advanced SEO

Digital Marketing and Advanced SEO Services To Increase Traffic & Sales 

How do new customers find you?

When your site appears on the first page of major search engines such as Google, your potential customers are more likely to trust your brand.

Whether you're an early stage startup or an established large business, I can help you plan and execute an advanced SEO strategy for real R.O.I

With every brand fighting to get to the top of Google, working with an SEO expert that understands the latest SEO ranking factors, Google Quality guidelines, and Search Engine Optimisation techniques will give you the advantage.!

Rank Higher Without Building More Backlinks

Increase Organic Site Traffic 

Get More Traffic Without Writing More Content

Accelerate Your Site Traffic Without Link-Building

Getting massive organic traffic is not all about getting links. It is more about the quality of your content. 

Your content has to be relevant to the intent of the search query. When you satisfy users, you’ll greatly reduce the number of people who visit your web page and return quickly to SERPs.

Rank Higher Without Building More Backlinks

When you are consistent and create useful content, people will spend time reading and sharing, by doing so, increasing your search engine optimization.

This is called engagement and Google tracks how long a search visitor stays on your site, without leaving to click another search result.

I like focusing on what I am good at, which is: SEO and driving traffic to websites

Even in the most competitive industries, I am able to crush it and find a unique advantage, and I’ve done the same for loads of startups and established companies.

Sure, I’m not competing with fortune 500 companies, but I do compete in the most competitive niche there is…marketing. Just think about it…I am competing with people like me.

SO — if you want to work with me and grow your business.


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What Happens Next?


You’ll see a brief series of questions you’ll need to answer about your business.

Answer the questions as accurately as possible so that I can determine the outcomes for you to expect. Please be absolutely sure your contact information is correct so that I can reach you.

Once you’ve filled out the questionnaire, I will call you to speak more about your business and gather more information so together we can accurately plan out how to grow your business.

You will hear from me within 24 business hours after submitting your application.

Hi, I am Rod Gardner. I'm a London based SEO consultant with more than 20 years of digital marketing experience. My on-page and off-page SEO services can help increase your website traffic and gain more customers using advanced SEO techniques.

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