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Organic SEO Specialist Rod Gardner

Search Engine Optimisation is the only proven way to deliver higher levels of relevant organic search engine traffic. One of London’s leading freelance SEO experts. Rod Gardner knows what it takes to get a business like yours ranking ahead of the competition.

Specialist Organic SEO Consultancy

Website optimisation and Google specialist SEO consultant Rod Gardner offers a data-driven approach to organic search. Geared at accelerating organic growth and driving revenue.

Trying to boost brand visibility and reputation organically can seem like an elusive and time-consuming task. Achieving high search engine rankings naturally not only drives consumers to your door, it also makes the most of performance marketing efforts.h

Drive organic traffic, boost conversions and Improve online visibility with a data driven SEO strategy

Website SEO Audit

My website SEO audit includes a comprehensive review of over 50 key factors of your website presence.

Technical SEO

Optimising your website for search engines access, crawling, interpreting and indexing your website.

Digital PR

Includes professional copywriting and distributing your press release to News Channels + up to 4000 media outlets.

Competitor Analysis

Assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of current and potential competitors to identify opportunities and threats.

Content Marketing

Meeting the demand for original content campaigns. B2B specialist. ROI focused.

Organic SEO Spcialist

Hire a SEO expert consultant to help you grow organic traffic and to the top of the search result. I offer a range of SEO & organic marketing services.

I Know How To Rank Higher On Google!

Google & search is an ever-evolving field & I bring more than two decades of experience in the search engine marketing industry to the table.

As an experienced search engine optimisation consultant I know what it takes to help you achieve top rankings in Google, increase organic traffic, and get better conversions.

Google SEO Specialist

Search engine optimization (SEO) isn’t what it used to be

These days, most businesses understand the basic concepts of SEO and why it’s important.

However, when it comes to developing and executing a sound SEO strategy for your business, just creating content for the keywords your customers are searching for is both arduous and to a point fruitless.

Increase organic traffic to your website with SEO consulting and strategy.

There is a multitude of techniques that brands can employ to improve search engine optimisation (SEO), but SEO is essentially based on two factors – relevance and trustworthiness. 

Instead of getting lost and overwhelmed with information you find on Google, consider hiring a professional seo consultant to help you. Let me give you some tailored advice. Let me build a solid strategy for your business using well researched methods and tactics like competitive research, keyword analysis, website mapping and on-page optimisation.

Search Engine Optimisation & Management Services

Increasing organic traffic and earning top rankings takes time, persistence, and more effort than in the past — but it’s well worth it. Take the following facts into consideration:

  • 57% of B2B marketers say SEO has the biggest impact on lead generation
  • On average, organic search leads have a 14.6% close rate, compared to 1.7% for outbound marketing leads
  • The highest spenders are more likely to turn to organic search for information
  • Every month there are more than 10.3 billion Google searches, with 78% of U.S. internet users researching products and services online.

Organic SEO puts the right people in touch with the right information

SEO Consulting Search Engine Optimisation Consultsnt

Benefits of Organic SEO Search Traffic

SEO is part of a larger online strategy to improve search traffic and maximize the use of your web content. PPC has its place but I strongly believe that organic search traffic has more value than paid search traffic. Here’s why:


The most obvious benefit of organic search traffic is a cost advantage. Over time the amount of money you could spend on PPC can add up.


One of the reasons why we advocate for organic site traffic is credibility


organic search traffic can effectively block your competitors' online presence. The more effort you invest in improving organic search traffic, the higher your site appears in search rankings -- pushing competitors further down the list.

Organic traffic is widely considered the most valuable traffic source for several reasons:

  • Google directs the highest amount of traffic and they are the most trusted source for people researching a purchase.
  • Google is very, very particular about their rankings and ranking in the top five results for a keyword indicates that your content is high quality.
  • Moving up in the rankings is difficult and takes time, but once you’re there you get to reap the benefits for a long time.
  • Results on the first page of Google (The Top 10) receive 92% off all search traffic on Google. Traffic drops by 95% on the second page. 
  • 33% of clicks from organic search results go to the very first listing on Google.

Organic Traffic Means Organic Growth

In an age where online search is more prolific than ever before, having an accurate and engaged online presence is the first step to boosting a brand’s online visibility organically.

People Often Ask

Most frequent questions and answers

What is search engine optimisation ?

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is the name given to activity that attempts to improve search engine rankings.

In short search engine optimisation or SEO means to get your business’s website onto the first results page of major search engines such as Google.

In search results Google™ displays links to pages it considers relevant and authoritative. Authority is mostly measured by analysing the number and quality of links from other web pages.

What is Advanced SEO ?

Advanced SEO is simply any set of SEO techniques that require some degree of expert knowledge.

How long does it take to rank ?

Depending on the the competition, it can take a while to rank on Google. According to multiple sources, the average time for websites to rank on Google through optimization (SEO) techniques is about three to six months.

How do I optimize for voice search ?

Mobile friendly is voice friendly. You can be sure that if the results include a featured snippet, your voice assistant will pull its answer from there.

What is SERP ranking in seo ?

Rankings in SEO refers to a website’s position in the search engine results page. There are various ranking factors that influence whether a website appears higher on the SERP based on the content relevance to the search term, or the quality of back links pointing to the page.

What is optimisation for "near me" key phrases

If you have a brick-and-mortal location, you should pay special attention to keywords like “near me” and “nearby.” Also, optimize your Google My Business page and make sure your NAP information is accurate so your company shows up when users are looking for businesses in your area,

What is domain authority in SEO?

Domain Authority in SEO is a number value, used by several keyword research tools, that measures how popular and trustworthy search engines see your website. It is calculated based on how websites link to each other on the world wide web.

What does an SEO specialist do?

An SEO specialist is someone who is an expert on the topic of search engine optimization. They specialise in the optimization of websites to increase the number of visits they gain from search engines.

What is seo consulting?

SEO Consultants are the search engine optimisation specialists that define the strategies, techniques and tactics needed to set up the best SEO Campaign for your business. The search engine optimization consultant job description, or SEO Consultants job description, is to analyze, review, and improve websites, search engine performance, and incoming links in order to provide expert advice, guidance, and recommendations to business owners seeking to earn more natural search engine traffic

How does search engine optimisation work ?

Search optimisation is a measurable, repeatable process that is used to send signals to search engines that your pages are worth showing in Google’s index.

Is it a one time thing

SEO is an ongoing process and not a one–time event. It is a process because the market, the competition, and the companies that set the rules (search engines) are constantly changing and evolving.

How do I improve the SEO ranking of a website ?

Publish Relevant Content. Quality content is the number one driver of your search engine rankings and there is no substitute for great content.  Produce high quality content and update it regularly.

How do I do search engine optimization SEO for dynamic websites ?

Make sure that you are using meta tags, alt tags and heading tags properly. Clear text links and hierarchy. Make sure that bots can read the dynamic pagesMake sure you have high quality content on the page which is readable by bots.

How Does Semantic Search Impact SEO ?

Semantic search is focusing less on the specific words or phrasing and more on the user’s intent behind the search.  Semantics relates to the relationships between a search query, the words and phrases related to it, and content on web pages. By considering semantics (what the words mean, not just what they are), search engines can display results that are more closely related to the context of the search query.

What is SEO strategy ?

SEO strategy is the process of organizing a website’s content by topic, which helps search engines like Google understand a user’s intent when searching. By optimising a web page around topics, then keywords within that topic, you can increase your expertise in the eyes of a search engine and rank well for long-tail keywords related to that topic.

People Often Say

Often the first and most common reason given by business owners who are resistant to developing an online presence, “I don’t have enough money” can be quite relevant, especially when they consider that business is hurting for the owner at the moment.

These concerns are entirely misplaced, and it’s important to reflect upon two significant ideas.

First, digital marketing and website development were much more expensive years ago, probably when owners first inquired about integrating their business online. If this is one of the main reasons why you haven’t embraced the Internet for your business then you need to understand that web development and online marketing aren’t nearly as expensive as they once were.

The other idea that should be noted is that most business will see an increase in customers and transactions as a result of their online marketing, which means having an effective social media presence for your business isn’t really a cost for your business, it’s an investment in your business.That initial investment into an effective SEO strategy, could end up bringing you customers for many years to come.

One of the major reasons why some business owners are reluctant to develop an effective SEO strategy for their business is they just don’t understand how it all works.

How does someone find their website online? How can they increase their rankings on Google? How do they out rank their competitors for keywords that they’re targeting?

For people who aren’t tech savvy, the thought of having an SEO strategy implemented for their business can be pretty daunting.

As the business owner, you should be focused on running the business, while you leave the “tech” and “web” stuff to a professional.

Another common objection small business owners have about getting effective SEO done for their business is they don’t want to hire a professional to do it. Instead, they want to try and do it themselves.

If you want a professional SEO strategy built for your business that is actually designed to attract online visitors, and then convert those visitors into customers, then you need to hire a professional.

There’s no point wasting your time on something that might not even produce any results. Hire a professional, and get the job done right.

Some small business owners are reluctant to get a professional SEO strategy built for their business because they’ve already got social media accounts created.

Just because they’re posting on social media or they have some details on their profiles, they think that’s enough online marketing to get customers coming through their doors.

If you’re on social media, but you don’t have an effective SEO strategy as well, then you’re missing out on a massive opportunity to convert more visitors into customers.

It’s not that SEO should replace what you’re doing on social media, but they should complement each other. If you already have a following on social media, then you should be taking advantage of that by also getting your website ranked high on search engines where people are actually searching for what you have to offer.

Having an effective search engine strategy that promotes your business online is crucial for your success, but a lot of people still don’t think they need to do SEO for their business.

They just don’t see the value SEO can provide to their business, and just don’t get how much it can help their business to get more leads and customers online.

They don’t get that the first thing most people do is search online for a business’ website to find out more about them, and to find out how they can contact them.

If your business doesn’t have an effective SEO strategy, then you’re letting a lot of potential customers slip through your hands, and into the hands of your competitors.

So as you can see there are quite a few reasons why some small business owners are still reluctant to have an effective SEO strategy built for their business, but in most cases investing in professional SEO is going to bring in more customers, more traffic, and more business than if you continue to ignore the Internet.

Your SEO strategy and any form of internet marketing isn’t going to replace anything you’re currently doing, and it’s not going to significantly add to the amount of work you’re doing now.

Once you have an effective SEO strategy in place, it will be like your own sales team, working around the clock to promote your business.

And you will be able to reap the benefits for many years to come.

So if you’re interested in getting a professional, effective SEO strategy for your business, then contact me today.

SEO Consulting Services


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