10 Short SEO Tips For 2019 Website Owners

Having a website is a great experience. But marketing and promoting it can be a bit of a hassle some times.

To ease the load today Second Chance Marketing wants to help you focus on one of the best marketing channels out there – SEO. In terms of performance of ROI, SEO fares much better than CPC ads, being just behind email. So it’s well worth investing in deploying an effective SEO strategy for your website.
The problem is that the knowledge in the field is constantly moving as search engines constantly update their algorithms. From the over 100 SEO factors to consider, you have to pick those which are of utmost importance both to you and seem to be weighed most heavily by the search engines in this iteration of their algorithm. To help you out, here are 10 short SEO tips which are working great in 2019.

1. Start with optimizing your site for mobile devices – this one is really a no-brainer by now, but if you haven’t already optimized your site for mobile

2. Write for humans, optimize for search engines – make sure your content is geared towards humans not just to tick the boxes of an algorithm; Google’s crawler now employs semantic capabilities and rewards human geared content

3. Understand SEO in its simplest form – think about why is Google doing what it’s doing to provide the best, clear answer to a question posed by a user to its search engine

4. Provide insanely useful content – you’ve heard a million times by now – ‘Content is king!’, and it’s true. Content is the factor that creates engagement, relevancy and high return rates

5. Stay up-to-date with the latest changes in SEO – as mentioned search algorithms change periodically; always be mindful and stay up to date

6. Leverage Google’s CrUX report – this might be an advanced technique but if you know just a little SQL you can access this relevant data report Google generates on your website and how it’s content is engaged right from your google Cloud account; take it’s learning to heart

8. Think of Videos as the New Content King – video has almost become now more relevant as written website content; create engaging, fun videos; positive reactions and comments to your videos will give you high authority points in Google’s eyes

9. Get listed! – Use local, regional and national directories and portals to list your website, products or services. List your products on Amazon, especially if you run a B2C company; this way you’ll get extra credibility

10. Never underestimate UX – for the last 4 years UX has become more and more important as an SEO ranking factor; the quality of a user’s exp

We hope the above lines gave you some great ideas to implement for your SEO efforts right now and start climbing those SERPs higher and higher.

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