how to rank higher on google

7 Steps To Rank Higher On Google

7 step process shows how to increase google ranking for free

Here are 7 search engine optimisation (SEO) tips on how to rank higher on Google.

How To Rank Higher On Google

My exact seven step process for great on-page SEO. I’m going to go through each one to make sure you know exactly how to do on-page SEO quickly and efficiently.

Getting your website to the top of Google

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This is a seven step checklist for SEO to help you make sure that every post you publish is perfectly optimised for higher rankings in Google.

how to get top searches on google step 1 keyword research

keyword research

Have you found a low difficulty keyword phrase that has high search intent?

Is the keyword relevant to your audience?

Some people are targeting keyword phrases that have great numbers but are not actually relevant to their audience.

That’s a big problem relevance is everything in the world of SEO.

Google is always trying to help users find the most relevant answer to the question or search query they enter.

Does the keyword have good search intent? There are different levels of intent behind search.

There are people who are looking for just information and there’s people that want to buy things.

Depending on who you are what your business is what that page or post is designed to do it needs to match the right intent of the keyword phrase.

rank higher in google step 2 google suggestions

Google Suggestions

Have you done a google related search?

Have you searched the keyword phrase on Google and found the related phrases that are at the bottom of the page?

Have you looked at what is auto suggested on Google when you type in your main keyword phrase?

The phrases that Google autosuggests are the keyword phrases that Google considers to be highly relevant.

so is the content on page 1 when you search your keyword phrase relevant and is it in alignment with what you think it is.

You might find a keyword phrase that has great numbers and then you go search it on google and it turns out it was a movie title and it has no relevance to you,

Page 1 of Google is Rotten Tomatoes and Netflix and all these movie based things.

You didn’t realise it was a movie title was the name of the keyword and that’s why its got such high search volume

Those are the things you’re looking for so you want to make sure that all your energy is focused on those keyword phrases that have:

  • Great search volume.

  • Have the right relevance.

  • Have the right types of posts displaying that prove you’re in the right place with your idea your niche your audience.

getting your website to the top of google step 3 post length

Post Length

so many people ask: how long does the post need to be?

I know it’s a terrible answer to say it depends but that’s the truth.

How do you find out exactly how many words your post needs to be?

Every post is different every time you go open up the top five posts that are currently ranking for that phrase. Copy and paste that content into a word counter such as

See how many words are on each of the top five results then find the average.

You want to be about ten percent above average

okay so if every post has 1500 words and that’s the average.

If is 1500 yours should be somewhere between 1500 to 1650 words.

have you included multiple h2 and h3 sections?

these are heading sections they make it really easy to read and they give you the ability to optimize on the subtopics

For each subtopic use short and punchy sentences.

very long blocks of text are extremely difficult to read especially on mobile.

we live in a scrolling environment these days so you want to make sure that people are able to read through your content really quickly.

Why? Because if they come across a big block of text on their phone they might hit the back button.

That might increase your bounce rate.

Lower your time on site and it might get you lower rankings from that negative signals that Google would be picking up.

What are the other relevant phrases? Any synonyms or the auto-suggest options or search recommendations that show up at the bottom of google.

how to get to the top of google without paying step 4 optimised headings

Optimised Headings

You need one h1 heading. If dont you have an h1 tag which is a top heading tag does your theme provide you with title automatically?

if not you need to manually add it and it needs to have your main keyword in the h1

then for all your h2s – h6 s the best way to optimize them is to structure content based on what Google gives you feedback on

Use that keywords in the h2s- h6 to structure the content and building the relevance for your main keyword phrase.

increase seo ranking free step 5 optimised images

Optimised Images

Have you compressed your images so they load quickly? I do this in Photoshop to make sure I’m compressing them so they load extremely fast.

My goal is to have all of my images between 20 kilobytes and 50 kilobytes in size.

For really big images I compress them as much as I possibly can.

If you don’t use Photoshop just Google for image compression.

There are a few tools that you can use, you just upload the image and compresses it and it gives you another version.

You can then upload compressed versions of your images so they load quickly.

Have you included the keyword in the file name the meta-tag title, description and the alt text?

You should not just repeat the keyword phrase in every image.

Use the auto-suggest phrases and the relevant searches phrases for other images based on where they are.

if an image is placed within your h3 it’s under that h3 tag you need to have the same keyword phrase that the h3 tag is about.

This way the image shows relevance to that same section of text and Google really gets that hierarchy and structure of content.

Have you pinned the images from your post to Pinterest?

Great, if not you need to pin the image on

Have you claimed a business account on Pinterest so you can get a backlink every time?

If you’re pinning your images you should habituate that process.

Pinning gives you a little head start on getting the word out about your post through the search engine spiders that are crawling Pinterest already.

higher google rankings step 6 title

The Title, Description and URL

Is your main keyword or variation in the actual title of the post?

I pretty much always put my main keyword at the front of the post title.

is your main keyword or variation inside of the description?

your title and description need to be compelling.

Compelling the user to “Click Through”.

Remember that when users search a keyword phrase and they see your result on Google, they’re looking at your title tag and description tag.

Those tags need to include your keywords but it really essential to compel to click.

Your copy-writing at this point needs to be kind of exciting, intriguing and curiosity inducing.

Content that’s going to get a user to click through to the post.

keyword in the URL slug.

how to rank higher on google step 7 links

Internal and Social Links

Does the post that you just created link out through the text itself to the other relevant posts on the topic?

if not you need to make sure you’re including relevant links to your other posts to build bridges from your current content.

Google search engine spiders will crawl first to the other relevant posts about that same topic

it’s how you build relevance is through your own internal web of links.

Do the other relevant posts link to this post you have just created?

now that’s a really important one because that’s how you can help the search engine spiders find this post.

As they crawl your other posts those spiders come back to your site every day and they re-crawl what they already found to see if there’s any changes.

When Google finds a new link that takes them over to this new post.

When Google finds several different high quality on-topic links coming back to the post they’re going to think its an authoritative.

If you’re not taking the time to do the keyword research to do your SEO how do you expect the search engines to find your content?

Google needs you to take the time to optimize your content.

Do the keyword research so you can show and prove to Google exactly what your topic is about.

That way when a user is searching for the answer that you wrote in your post, Google is able to see that you have the most relevant post to answer that query.

You will most likely make the top spot or rank higher in Google and you will end up getting the lion’s share of the traffic.

I hope this has been helpful if you’ve enjoyed this content give me a thumbs up.

if you any questions leave a comment below. I’m happy to answer your questions and I thank you very much for your time.

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