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Smart Companies Hire Me To Help Increase Traffic & Sales

Yes, I want Rod to help drive traffic to my website and accelerate business growth

Whether you’re an early stage startup or an established large business, I can help you plan and execute a growth marketing strategy for real R.O.I

With every brand fighting to get to the top of Google, working with an advanced SEO consultant that understands the latest SEO ranking factorsGoogle Quality guidelines, and Search Engine Optimisation techniques will give you the advantage.

Growth Strategy

I can help you find the customer acquisition channels to focus on, to map your digital marketing plan and to build customer journeys focused on conversion.

Increase Your Marketing ROI

I can help you automate your marketing, optimize lead generation and nurture email/chatbot campaigns to increase conversions.

Growth Hacking

Growth hacking is a process of rapid experimentation across marketing channels to identify the most effective and efficient ways to grow a business.

Accelerate Business Growth Without Link-Building

If you’re seeking out new customers for your business, then there’s a number of ways I can help you.

I’ve spent the last two decades working on innovative ways to scale up customer acquisition, retention and conversion across a range of industries. This puts me in a unique position to help other businesses like yours do the same.

Grow your business quickly and cost effectively

With traditional marketing channels being expensive and saturated, there is now much greater pressure than ever to deliver on digital growth.

That’s where I come in, as a growth hacker I plan and execute a growth marketing strategy that will result in increased revenue and reduced costs. Many start-ups are using growth hacking principles to rapidly and successfully exploit opportunities that were once safe ground of established companies.

I like focusing on what I am good at, which is: SEO and driving traffic to websites

Even in the most competitive industries, I am able to crush it with SEO and find a unique advantage, and I’ve done the same for loads of startups and established companies.

Sure, I’m not competing with fortune 500 companies, but I do compete in the most competitive niche there is…marketing. Just think about it…I am competing with people like me.

SO — if you want to work with me and grow your business.


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What Happens Next?


You’ll see a brief series of questions you’ll need to answer about your business. I just need the basics about what you’re working on, what you sell, etc.

Answer the questions as accurately as possible so that I can determine the outcomes for you to expect. Please be absolutely sure your contact information is correct so that I can reach you.

Once you’ve filled out the questionnaire, I will call you to speak more about your business and gather more information so together we can accurately plan out how to grow your business.

You will hear from us within 24 business hours after submitting your application.

Hi, I am Rod Gardner. I’m a London based SEO consultant with more than 20 years of digital marketing experience. My on-page and off-page SEO services can help increase your website traffic and gain more customers using advanced SEO techniques.

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