Four ways to supercharge lead generation with content marketing

Seven in ten marketers say that content marketing improves their lead generation efforts and that they have data to prove how articles, infographics and blogs are having a positive impact on key metrics and bottom line. Here are four ways to supercharge your lead generation efforts.

Quality above all else

Some brands argue that quality now has to be balanced with quantity to meet the growing demands of consumers, but for lead generation, fewer, better-optimised posts have a better chance of piquing the interest of consumers. What does ‘quality’ mean, then, exactly?

Content that is well researched, packed with data and statistics, and written in engaging prose will meet the high watermark expected by discerning B2B and B2C buyers. You should also create content that targets your key buyer personas and establish a sustainable posting schedule.

Professional copywriters

Working with an agency will provide you with access to a talented team of copywriters capable of creating the content that will drive an uptick in lead generation. As noted in the previous section, quality writing showing expertise and a complete understanding of a subject will elevate the material and give it a better chance of resonating with audiences at the top of the funnel.

Repurpose for personas

Repurposing content is a great way to maximise your content budget, but it will also allow you to appeal to multiple personas without starting from scratch each time. If you have an excellent piece of content that audiences love, then it makes sense to use some parts of that piece again to reach new prospective customers and clients.

To repurpose, identify content that can be made into new formats with a tweaked communication style and update blogs with relevant info to tap into trending topics and keywords.

Use CTAs strategically

Calls to action are very useful for prompting readers and visitors to continue on their journey with your brands after reading an article. You should also consider using CTAs to funnel consumers into some of your ‘gated’ services or offerings. Organic posts are central to lead generation efforts as they will feature at the top of search engine rankings. They also build good faith and strengthen brand authority. You can lead into your assets with CTAs.

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