How To Get Links From Wikipedia

There are a number of different ways that you can get links and citations from Wikipedia and luckily for you, I'm going to share all of them with you here

Step 1:

First things first, hop on over to If you haven’t heard of WikiGrabber before then you’re missing out – big time! In a nutshell, it’s a tool that identifies any pages on Wikipedia that are missing citations or contain dead links.

Step 2:

Search for a keyword related to your niche within WikiGrabber to find articles that may be relevant to you that need citations. For example, you could search for Marketing. Here’s an example of an article that needs citations: (the article is titled, The History of Marketing).

Step 3:

Click on one of the Wikipedia entries in the list of results from WikiGrabber and press CTRL+F on your keyboard (if you’re a Windows user, that is) and search for ‘citation needed.

This will show up all of the different citations that are needed within the Wikipedia entry. These are all of the opportunities for you to create some content that could be used as a citation.

Step 4:

Build out a piece of content that can be used as a citation for the specific sentence/paragraph that requires one. You can check out a few of the other cited articles within the Wikipedia entry to get a feel for what is required. I usually write up a short brief for a specialist freelance writer and get them to create a piece of content that does the job.

Credibility is very important here and you need to ensure that you’re referencing all of your sources within your article correctly. Treat it like an academic article and use Harvard referencing. Once you’ve created the content, publish it on your website.

Step 5:

Now it’s time to get the Wikipedia article updated with your citation added. One way to do this is to create a Wikipedia account and edit the article yourself. There’s a problem with this though… Wikipedia editors are very strict.

The way to give yourself the best possible chance of success is to work with an experienced Wikipedia editor. This is the way I go about it and it works a treat. You’re probably wondering how you find these editors, right? Well, hop on over to People Per Hour and there are a few there. I’d avoid for this but could also be a good starting point.


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