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Did you try to find an SEO Consultant for your website business marketing or search engine optimisation? I'm Rod Gardner, a London based independent SEO Specialist and SEO Expert


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Every business owner wants to rank high on search engines, for your business to get the maximum traction from the web, you will need to rank your site at the top of the search engines. If you found me via google search, then you know what I mean.
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SEO Services that Boost Organic Performance

SEO can be quite the rabbit hole, finding your way around can be very time consuming and costly. The web is full of SEO tips, most of it is not relevant and not all of it is accurate

Google & search is an ever-evolving field & I bring more than two decades of experience in the search engine marketing industry to the table.

I know what it takes to help you achieve top rankings in Google, increase organic traffic, and get better conversions.

Whether you operate a sole proprietorship or an international corporation, attracting and retaining a passionate client base is vital to your company’s long-term success.

Google SEO services aren’t something every other agency can do, so you must make the right decision when hiring an SEO agency to help your business website rank on the first page!

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Why Does Your Small Business Need Search Engine Optimization?

Search engine optimization or SEO refers to a series of practices that are designed to boost your company’s website ranking with major search engines.

In short, it means to get your business’s website onto the first results page of major search engines such as Google.

But why does your small business need to employ these techniques in order
to be successful in today’s online marketplace?

Can’t your customers just type your company name into Google and easily find you? They could- but only if they already know your company name?

What happens if they are not familiar with your company name, or if they don’t even know your company exists?

Odds are they would still use Google.

Studies clearly show that the vast majority of online viewers use major search engines such as Google.

Studies also show that more than 90% of these online viewers will only click on options that appear on the first search engine results page (SERP).

If your business is not in the top ten of Google’s results- then you won’t be found by online searchers.

This means that your business could be missing out on hundreds or thousands of local customers, because you are not using SEO

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Local SEO Services in London & UK for Small Business

If you own a small business in London, then chances are that you are scratching your head, asking yourself about the best way to help it expand and grow. It’s all about engaging with your target audience in a consistent and meaningful way. I offer a range of affordable SEO services specific to local search engine optimisation.

Local SEO is about optimising your website to cater for your local environment and proximity, such as a town, city, county, region or country. This may be because you have a business that you are trying to increase awareness or you may be a service provider such as a tradesman, who only serves a specific geographical area.

I have experience of working with businesses who operate in multiple towns and cities, while attracting leads and organic from a single site, optimised for the multiple locations (and industry related queries).

International SEO

When you’re a multinational business, you need a website that can perform and cater to different languages, markets and expectations. Whether you are building a new international website, branching out an existing website or looking to improve your current international offering, there are a number of key decisions that need to be made.

Technical SEO specialist

I’m a SEO specialist with more than 20 years of search engine optimisation experience. Technical SEO is ensuring that a website has been configured correctly at a server level, has well-formatted sitemaps, has a good database structure, and canonicalisation is in place, amongst other things.

SEO Consulting Services

SEO consulting is when the search engine optimisation specialist sets out and defines the SEO strategies, techniques and tactics needed to set up the best search engine optimisation campaign for your business.

My SEO consulting services can help take your business to the bext level. I aim to provide clients with all the information they need to implement powerful search engine optimisation strategies.

  • Keyword Research & Analysis
  • Technical SEO
  • Content Optimization
  • PR & Link Building
  • Competitor Analysis
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Rather than spending your own valuable time on endless research into search engine optimisation and ranking factors, let me provide you with effective SEO services to improve your site’s performance.


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In today’s competitive economy, it’s imperative to use every available tool to grow your brand recognition and attract new customers.

It is absolutely necessary that your small business incorporate SEO into its online marketing plan if you want to get listed in the top 10 SERPs.

While there are many aspects that factor into customer engagement, optimisation for Google search engine is one of the most important.

SEO can be a complicated area of marketing, especially since strategies must evolve based on the market and search engine ranking factors.

Working with an expert in search engine optimisation is an efficient way to ensure your SEO goals and methods are up to date and effective.

Small Business SEO
From £499 Per Month
SEO Audit
From £ 259


Even in the most competitive industries, as a search engine optimisation specialist, I am able to crush it and find a unique advantage. 

Sure, I’m not competing with fortune 500 companies, but I do compete in the most competitive niche there is SEO marketing.

Just think about, I am a search engine optimisation specialist competing with SEO experts.

SEO Expert

I’m a SEO specialist with more than 20 years of search engine optimisation experience. I provide SEO marketing services to all types of businesses, from funded startups and SMEs to international super brands. I work with companies across the globe, as well as the United Kingdom.

I like focusing on what I am good at, which is: SEO and driving traffic to websites!

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